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Apolina launches 9.23 | Soor Ploom launches 9.28
Women's Indigo Floral Robe

Petite Plume

Women's Indigo Floral Robe


This delicate, vintage print evokes memories of spring mornings and the flowers climbing up the arbors. This fabric has unmatched softness and is lightweight, perfect for year-round comfort. This elegant robe is the perfect addition to our collection. The classic, delicate hue is a staple and will have you looking smart in no time.

The fabric is made from 100% of the finest quality cotton. It is yarn-dyed to prevent fade and brushed for added softness making the sleepwear feel absolutely luxurious, getting cozier after each wash.

You will be tucked in luxury and off to dreamland. Bonne nuit.