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Style Diversity in Austin and at Olivia Shoppe

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Style Diversity in Austin and at Olivia Shoppe
As some of you know, Olivia Shoppe is located in Austin, TX. I have lived here my whole life minus the four years I went to college in Clinton, MS. I have seen so many changes in the past 50 years. Growing up, from my perspective, Austin was a college town and the liberal bastion of Texas. Most of my friends and I went to public schools here and lived in the laid back Keep Austin Weird Gen X glory days. Many things have changed and new people from all round have discovered Austin and all our fair city has to offer. We have grown from a population of around 525,000 people in the 1980s to almost one million in 2019. One thing has not changed much, Austin has always had a wide range of people and personal styles that you can see walking our streets. Preppy to punk, classic to modern; you can still see it all. Children’s clothing is no exception.

I raised 5 daughters in Austin. I am proud to say each of them is a true individualist. They all have very unique personalities, temperaments, and senses of style. Over the years, I have become accustomed to accommodating each daughter's ever evolving taste in clothing which is as different and individual as they are. One daughter is classic and tailored, one is a little boho, one edgy and fearless, one comfy and casual, and one all about what is trendy and fashionable. I shopped all over for clothes for the girls and bought clothes from Target, Chanel and just about every place in between.

My experiences of living in Austin, raising five daughters with different styles, and my love for shopping all had an impact on deciding which brands of clothing to carry at Olivia Shoppe. The input of our store manager, along with my daughter and daughter in law now having their own children also helps to guide the styles we buy each season. When you shop in store or online at Olivia Shoppe, you will find a range of clothing to choose from for your children. Shop some of our favorite brands including Bonpoint, Morley, The Beaufort Bonnet CompanyOne + in the Family, and Rylee + Cru.

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  • Oct 11, 2021

    I bought a soor ploom’s blouse(Order #16581)!
    I don’t have your Shipping contact.
    Could you check the order?
    The address may have been incorrect, so I fixed it.

    I send email and instagram’s messenge.
    And I’m sorry many times.


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