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Olivia Shoppe's Guide to Being College Ready!

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High school graduation is the culmination of so many milestones and achievements, both large and small. However, where that journey ends the next big adventure begins.

So parents, let me start off by saying, Congratulations!!! You now have a college student! The thrill and anxiety of going to college and moving somewhere new can be intimidating. Rest assured the welcome packets will have lists of what a college student needs, but can we talk about what does your kids really need?! As a mom of six, three of which are in college in Paris, France; New York City and Austin, I am also an owner of a lifestyle store. Needless to say, I have had quite a bit of experience shopping for college dorm rooms as well as making move-in day madness go off without a hitch!

College dorm rooms can be as varied as the students who live in them. I remember my dorm room being super small with only a desk, chair, twin bed (that were all nailed to the floor, I might add) and a closet that was so tiny the hanger stuck out an inch into the room. But it’s all about the experience, right? One of the most memorable college visits with my daughter was a dorm that had a full kitchen with granite counter tops. I can tell you, anything we went into after that was a huge let down! So for now, I’m going to assume that most dorm rooms are going to be similar to the one I had.

Here are a few hacks and suggested items that might help you have a starting point for move-in day.

Tip: When packing for the big day, remember you may have to carry items up flights of stairs so pack smaller, lighter boxes. Depending on how far away the college is from where you live, you may want to buy many of the items in the town where the college is located. Here are a few of our favorites for any new grad in your life:

Monogrammed Bath Towel Set

Jon Hart Clear Becky or Game Day Tote, both of which are approved for all game days.

Jon Hart Laundry Bag

Monogrammed Wedge Pillow - perfect for lounging and Netflix binges between all of the studying.

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