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Olivia Shoppe Blog

All you need for summer fun!!

Our favorite time of year is here... Summer!! Yachting, beach vacation, sunbathing by the pool, clamping, boating on the lake, or wherever the summer days take you, we have you covered at Olivia Shoppe.Here are some of our favorite summer essentials:LAS BAYADAS BEACH BAGThe Las Bayadas Beach Bag is a large ultra light weight bag [...] Continue reading

Olivia Shoppe's Guide to Being College Ready!

High school graduation is the culmination of so many milestones and achievements, both large and small. However, where that journey ends the next big adventure begins.So parents, let me start off by saying, Congratulations!!! You now have a college student! The thrill and anxiety of going to college and moving somewhere new can be intimidating. Rest assured the [...] Continue reading