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Gift Guide for Girls 3 years and up.

Shop these holiday gift ideas for girls. Puzzles, arts and crafts, books, and pretend play are some of our favorite gifts sure to bring smiles and hours of fun.

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New Mom & Baby Gift Guide

New Mom & Baby Gift Guide
Shop the sweetest gifts for new mom and baby at Olivia Shoppe. Whether they're having a girl, boy, or waiting to find out, we have a gift for any new mom and baby.
Please contact us at if you ever need help putting together a gift.
Baby Girl & Mom
Baby Boy & Mom
Surprise Gender!
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Maileg Home Accessories Gift Guide

Maileg Home Accessories Gift Guide

Maileg is a world of childhood imagination. Maileg (pronounced My’lye) is a brand of charming Danish-designed toys created to inspire children’s favorite playtime stories. These adorable rabbits and bunnies are perfect for pretend play with all the adorable furniture and accessories.




Iron and Ironing Board

Every respective household has an iron board and an iron in the laundry room. This will make the play even more real and authentic. The set is made in metal and the iron board is covered with unique Maileg fabric.

Height: 5.51in

Made of metal and cotton.


Miniature Blender 

All the small friends also need a smoothie on the go. The Miniature Blender is perfect for hours of play. You can take the lid off for pretend play. 

Made of metal and plastic

Measures about 2in x 3in

Miniature Broom Set

With this Miniature broom set, you are ready to clean up. The dustpan comes in a beautiful warm silver color together with the wooden broom. Fits best with Maileg friends. Broom stands about 6 inches. 

Made of metal and wood

Will restock soon.


Bath Mat

This beautiful bath mat is handmade and it will complete the decoration of your Maileg Miniature Bathroom.

Made of cotton

Miniature Bathtub

With this Miniature broom set, you are ready to clean up. The dustpan comes in a beautiful warm silver color together with the wooden broom. Fits best with Maileg friends. Broom stands about 6 inches. 

Made of metal and wood.

Will restock soon.

Baby Room with Micro Rabbit

This sweet playful set contains a micro rabbit, baby room box, baby suit, ball, and a baby bottle. Everything you need for the perfect play and storytelling about a baby. Add your favorite baby accessories to extend the story.

Measures 5.91 x 6.69 inches

Miniature Floor Lamp - Mint

The beautiful Maileg Miniature Floor lamp is a must-have. The lamp will light up the room with a soft tone - remember to turn off the light when our friends go to bed. Measures about 9 inches tall.

Made of Metal and Cotton.


Wooden Bed, Mini Yellow

A wooden bed that fits bunnies and rabbits in size 1 and 2 perfectly. Beautiful handpainted details on the bed - variation may occur. Soft bed linen, made in unique fabrics, will keep the soft friends warm all night. Also available in mint blue and rose.

*Bunny not included.

5.12in tall.

Tea and Biscuits for Two

Don't forget your afternoon tea. A short break to have a little talk, a cup of tea and a biscuit with your best Maileg friend. Set includes tea pot, two tea cups, and bag of pastries. Set fits nicely in a new decorated, keepsake box. 

Box made of cardboard. Tea set made of metal.

Will restock soon.

Flower Dress Bunny

This lovely bunny will sure to make any child extremely hoppy! She spends all day enjoying the sunshine in her floral off-white, blue, and orange summer dress that has a knitted blue belt at the bodice. Create wonderful new stories with this fabulous new Maileg friend. 

This bunny measures roughly 10 inches tall and is made from a soft blend of cotton and linen fabrics. 

Will restock soon.


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Shop now to ensure a Merry Christmas!

Shop now to ensure a Merry Christmas!
It’s hard to believe, but it’s that time again: time to start thinking about doing your Christmas shopping. I know, I know… You are probably rolling your eyes right now, but this time I am serious. I myself am a procrastinator. A last minute Linda. Always getting those last few items in a rush on Christmas Eve. That won’t work this year. We will have to do some early shopping to make sure that all or some of those requests on people’s lists get under the tree.

Throughout the past year or so, we have all seen so many changes. I will not get into all of those here as we know them all too well. One that has been impacting Olivia Shoppe, as well as pretty much everyone else, are the issues with the supply chain and shipping issues. Before the pandemic I don’t think many of us thought about the day to day of how things get from the manufacturer to the store or our house. We ordered it and it shipped. Sometimes there might be some delays but they were the exception, not the norm. Now we see more and more stories about the cargo ship bottlenecks and driver and retail worker shortages. The impact has created a shortage of items, longer shipping times and an increase in price of products and shipping.

We have seen the effects of these issues at Olivia Shoppe. This has led to shipping delays, inability to order or reorder some of our favorites, and an increased cost of products and shipping. What it boils down to is that items may be a little more expensive and hard to find. Shipping costs and lead times will likely increase, hopefully just temporarily.

Here are a few helpful hints to navigate this challenging shopping season:

1. First, make sure you start shopping early. Like now would be good. You can count on shortages, shipping delays, staffing issues, etc. Big and small businesses may encounter issues with fulfilling orders. Some businesses presell items in anticipation of receiving the goods in a timely manner, but are not able to do so. Olivia Shoppe is small family owned business with four of us working here. We work hard to keep our inventory online up to date, but unfortunately we make some mistakes. This can mean some very disappointed customers. Make sure to track your order fulfillment and shipping.

2. I love holiday gift guides and they are an ideal way to get great gift ideas. This year if you see an item you really want, get it! Don’t wait. It may be gone. If you are old enough to remember the Cabbage Patch Kids, think that situation for more items. I am dating myself with that. Seriously though, I am not just trying to scare you into buying things. We are seeing the shortages affect what we are receiving and being able to reorder.

3. Check out your local brick and mortar stores. They may have many unique and hard to find items for Christmas. Many small stores either don’t have a shoppable website or may not have all their inventory online. Going in to shop as opposed to just simply shopping online can give immediate access to the products and help in person with your shopping and purchase.

4. Look for special sales and shipping offers for online purchases. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are great , but possibly crazy times to shop. Many stores may be offering special sales and free or discounted shipping between now and Christmas. The earliest you are able to take advantage of any offers, the more likely you are to get the items you want and have them in time for Christmas at a better price.

5. Make sure to follow your favorite stores and brands on social media. Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook accounts are valuable tools for Christmas shopping. Many stores and brands will feature product launches, new items, gift guides, giveaways, sales, and shopping offers on their social media accounts.

So let the Christmas Shopping games begin. May the odds be ever in your favor. Continue reading

Style Diversity in Austin and at Olivia Shoppe

Style Diversity in Austin and at Olivia Shoppe
As some of you know, Olivia Shoppe is located in Austin, TX. I have lived here my whole life minus the four years I went to college in Clinton, MS. I have seen so many changes in the past 50 years. Growing up, from my perspective, Austin was a college town and the liberal bastion of Texas. Most of my friends and I went to public schools here and lived in the laid back Keep Austin Weird Gen X glory days. Many things have changed and new people from all round have discovered Austin and all our fair city has to offer. We have grown from a population of around 525,000 people in the 1980s to almost one million in 2019. One thing has not changed much, Austin has always had a wide range of people and personal styles that you can see walking our streets. Preppy to punk, classic to modern; you can still see it all. Children’s clothing is no exception.

I raised 5 daughters in Austin. I am proud to say each of them is a true individualist. They all have very unique personalities, temperaments, and senses of style. Over the years, I have become accustomed to accommodating each daughter's ever evolving taste in clothing which is as different and individual as they are. One daughter is classic and tailored, one is a little boho, one edgy and fearless, one comfy and casual, and one all about what is trendy and fashionable. I shopped all over for clothes for the girls and bought clothes from Target, Chanel and just about every place in between.

My experiences of living in Austin, raising five daughters with different styles, and my love for shopping all had an impact on deciding which brands of clothing to carry at Olivia Shoppe. The input of our store manager, along with my daughter and daughter in law now having their own children also helps to guide the styles we buy each season. When you shop in store or online at Olivia Shoppe, you will find a range of clothing to choose from for your children. Shop some of our favorite brands including Bonpoint, Morley, The Beaufort Bonnet CompanyOne + in the Family, and Rylee + Cru. Continue reading

Welcome to the Olivia Shoppe Blog

We would like to welcome you to the Olivia Shoppe blog. Our goal is to begin sharing information about the shop, kids fashion, home decor, and so much more with you. We hope this will be a way for you to get to know us a little better, and find entertaining and useful information about topics we’re all passionate about. 

I wanted to introduce myself and tell you a little more about us and Olivia Shoppe. My name is Kathy De La Paz and I own Olivia Shoppe with my sister, Maria Girling. I was born and raised in Austin, Texas. I love this city and have watched so many changes over the 50+ plus years that I have lived in Austin. I received my Master’s degree in Social Work from UT Austin. I worked with children, families, home health care and hospice programs during my years as a practicing social worker. After my family sold their home health agency, my sister and I were looking for a change of pace. We did real estate investment, historical restoration and eventually bought Three Threads which is now Olivia Shoppe. 

When we bought Three Threads it was primarily a monogram and gift store. There were not many options for high-end children’s clothing and products in Austin, so we decided to add children’s clothing to the store's offerings. Olivia Shoppe is now a lifestyle store that features a carefully curated collection of children’s clothing, home decor, gifts and monogramming. The variety of clothing, home decor and gifts is as eclectic as Austin. You can find something to satisfy a diverse variety of tastes.

As a mother of six, grandmother, and a professional shopper, I have bought more than my fair share of children’s clothing over the years. My children range from age 25 to 8. My oldest daughter, Maddy, decided to go to college in Paris, France right around the time we bought the shop. I of course took every opportunity to go and visit her. I had my two year old, Olivia, in tow. I would shop at the amazing children’s boutiques and fell in love with brands like Bonpoint, Tartine et Chocolat, and Bonton. I loved the quality of fabrics, the beautiful design, and the overall craftsmanship that the clothing entailed. I knew I had to get these (and some of my other favorite brands) to Austin.

Owning Olivia Shoppe is much more than just selling children’s clothing and lifestyle items for us. We are a family-owned and operated small business. Olivia Shoppe is about providing some place to buy the things you want and need as well as giving back to our community. Olivia Shoppe has provided cash grants, as well as donations to many organizations in the Austin area such as Carrying Hope, Helping Hand Home, and Central Texas Food Bank.

That is a little about us. We hope you will come back and visit the blog. We would always love to hear from you too.

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Gift Guide for 2 and under

A few of our favorite toys for baby...

Wiggedy Camera by Jellycat

Stack Up 3 Animals by Moulin Roty

Petit Activity Cube by Le Toy Van

Baby Cot Rattle by Djeco

Harry Panda Ring Rattle and If I Were A Panda Board Book by Jellycat

My Little Bird House Shape Sorter by Le Toy Van

Jungly Tails Book by Jellycat

Asleep Awake Baby Doll by Alimrose

Baby Bloki by Djeco

Tapatou Chicken by Djeco

Stacking Veggies by Le Toy Van 

Pop Up Toy Le Voyage d'Olga by Moulin Roty

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All you need for summer fun!!

Our favorite time of year is here... Summer!! Yachting, beach vacation, sunbathing by the pool, clamping, boating on the lake, or wherever the summer days take you, we have you covered at Olivia Shoppe.Here are some of our favorite summer essentials:LAS BAYADAS BEACH BAGThe Las Bayadas Beach Bag is a large ultra light weight bag [...] Continue reading

Olivia Shoppe's Guide to Being College Ready!

High school graduation is the culmination of so many milestones and achievements, both large and small. However, where that journey ends the next big adventure begins.So parents, let me start off by saying, Congratulations!!! You now have a college student! The thrill and anxiety of going to college and moving somewhere new can be intimidating. Rest assured the [...] Continue reading